These Smart Devices make your life easier

If you're not familiar with the term Internet of Things, or IoT, you soon will be. Smartwatches, smart lights, and smart thermostats are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to IoT devices that are changing the very way in which people live their lives. Many of these devices are connected via apps to your smartphone, giving you control over the environment in your home, your utility costs, and even make your home safer.





Withings WS-30 Wi-Fi Scale

  • Able to track your body mass, BMI index and water measurements
  • Set a weight goal and by using the app
  • Intelligent scale saves your previous weigh-ins
  • For uber conscious health gurus and health fanatics
  • 159,99 €

    Philips Hue E27 Starter Set

  • 3 light bulbs, capable of 16 millions color combinations
  • Uses intelligent apps like Apple Homekit and Nest
  • The LED lights themselves have a 20 year lifespan
  • No intelligent lighting system that does it better than this
  • 199,00 €

    Amazon Echo Blue Tooth Voice Control

  • A Virtual Secretary for your Home
  • Tell Alexa to play music, tell it to order a pizza etc.
  • Alexa programs itself, syncs with your smartphone
  • Dependent on the Internet and Interactive Apps
  • $179,99 (~160 €)

    Bravo TrackR

  • Never Lose Anything Again - ever
  • Diameter of a quarter, so you can hide it in a purse, a car etc.
  • Uses a standard button battery with an approximate year long lifespan.
  • Gives peace of mind, and it doesn't get any better than that
  • 29,90 €

    BitLock Keyless Bike Lock

  • Any Android or iPhone will unlock your BitLock
  • Intelligent and with the included GPS function
  • Is an excellent and competent bike lock
  • You will have to decide whether the price is worth it
  • $199.90 (~178 €)

    The Nest Cam

  • Wired in to your regular electrical service
  • Stores the video it takes in the Cloud
  • You can control its functions with an easy to use app
  • The Nest Cam is a do-it-yourself security system
  • 199,00€

    Fitbit Flex

  • Electronic exercise tracking revolution
  • Lets you track, literally, all of your bodies movements
  • Easily monitor your progress on the FitBit
  • You will need to get the correct sized band that fits your wrist
  • 99,95€

    Secure Your Home with Automated Locks

    We're all guilty of leaving the house in the morning for work, and wondering on the ride to work whether or not we locked the front door. Well, with automated door locks you can pull up the app on your smartphone and lock your doors remotely using the technology of IoT devices.

    Nest is currently one of the leading examples of a smart thermostat. The Nest thermostat is more than just a programmable climate control device for your home, it is an intelligent system that is capable of learning your habits and adjusting the temperature automatically in your home. Love a cold home on summer nights, but don't mind the heat during the day? Nest learns to automatically lower the AC temp at night so you can sleep comfortably, while raising the temps during the day to allow for a warmer home.

    This not only saves you money, because you aren't cooling a home when you don't want or when no one is home, but thermostats like Nest also give you the power to make changes. Leaving work early and want to come home to a cool house? Nest is WiFi enabled, so you can access the thermostat from your mobile device and lower the temp as you leave work.

    Worried first-time parents can sleep easy at night with a newborn in the house courtesy of WiFi enabled nanny cams. These cameras come with sound and even night-vision, so you can check in on your little one without getting up out of bed. Sometimes those midnight tears are just grumbles and baby goes back to sleep. Rather than getting up every time, you can view the camera from your bed and make sure baby is OK.

    The US Energy Information Administration states that 30% of your home's energy consumption comes from lighting. If you're tired of coming home to a dark house or wondering if you turned off the lights before you leave for a vacation, you can use smart lights to control lighting and costs in your home. Turn the lights on before you get home, make sure they're off when you leave for the day, and save money by avoiding wasteful consumption.

    Increase Climate Comfort and Save Money

    Believe it or not, there are even IoT devices that just make the everyday easier. For those who live for that morning cup of Joe, there's nothing worse than waking up exhausted and having to get the coffeemaker going. IoT coffeemakers can be set the night before or even turned on from your smartphone when you first wake up in the morning. Just make sure there's water and grounds in before you go to bed, and you can have a hot cup of coffee with a swipe of a finger.

    IoT devices are only going to grow in variety, availability, and capability. If the benefits covered above sound enticing to you, then our website can help you learn even more about IoT devices and find the right products to help you take advantage of the growing IoT niche to secure your home, save money, and make life a bit easier.